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Copy of Copy of RELEASE RECAP: Kith x Advisory Board Chrystals

Kith's latest release... a collaboration with Advisory Board Crystals. They released $290 Hoodies and $100 Long Sleeves. Are we surprised by the retails? Not so much. Did the collab sell out? Of course.

Advisory Board Crystals is known for putting out artsy-ish boujee pieces at high prices so the latest collab with Kith comes at no surprise.

The collaboration released this morning at 11 AM EST on Kith's website and sold out within 45 seconds. We scored a few for personals since we couldn't resist, til we saw eBay.

Usually Kith's Monday Program is hit-or-miss resell wise. Some random items that are designed well and appeal to the masses do end up going for maybe $20, $30 over, but these Advisory Board Crystals pieces ended up going for over 100% markup. Hoodies are listed at over $500 and Tee's over $250.

This comes at a surprise since most everyone thought that they'd be sitting due to the high retail, but not this time.

Kith and Advisory Board Chrystals knocked this one out of the park design and retail wise.

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